Lose Weight With Food

There are so many foods that can help you lose weight, I did a set of two blogs on few of them last week;) and today I am sharing some more and these super foods can actually help shed pounds and you will not believe they are actually yummy and tasty:)

Lose Weight With Food

Lose Weight With Food

Chocolate:- Can you believe that eating chocolate can help you lose weight, well you should cause it actually does, the recent and the most famous research has proven that diets centered around food elimination are much more likely to fail and they think that taking some of dark chocolate can help your brain to stay satisfied, as it is rich in fiber which keep the body system healthy and well, which means you can use it to satisfy your sweet tooth and at the same time it is very good to keep your look and feel younger cause it is very good source of antioxidants.


Almonds:- Eating a handful of almonds a day can help you lose weight because they are very good to get healthy fats, along with a healthy diet, actually it has been medically proven that taking  handful almonds for six months lost 18% of their body fat and it is very good to reduce inches too without losing the shine and glow of their face and looks due to the nutrients like Vitamin E, mono-saturated fat ‘good’ fat and fiber and it is very good to get B vitamins and zinc, which helps stop sugar cravings and help you get better skin and hair.


Pears:- If you want to lose weight then the yummiest fruit that you want for that is pears , you can actually eat three pears a day to lose more weight than anyone who even skip meals and eat less than 1000 calories a day;) when you eat one pear you just eat 65 calories and while they are rich in fiber so you burn more than 120 calories to digest it and it  has low glycimic idex rating 41, one pear provides 12% of daily vitamin C intake which make it an overall best food to take during diet.


Navy Beans:- Beans are a very good way to keep your huger at the eng, since they are loaded with digestive hormone called cholecystokinin which helps you to keep food in your stomach longer and keep you feel fuller for longer time of periods, and it keep your blood sugar levels stable which means you can ditch sweet craving too.

Navy Beans

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