Decrease the Unwanted Effects of Junk food

Decrease the Unwanted Effects of Junkfood

In a perfect world, you would eat healthily all of the time, but let’s get real. The good news: Consuming certain healthful foods with dangerous foods can help decrease the damage.

High-Fat Meals

Oily foods are plugged up your system and fill it up with undesirable toxins and triglycerides. These can slow down the flow and stops normal body functions.

Food Remedy: Grapes

A cup of grapes can stop the negative ramifications of these fatty foods. Rapes are full of antioxidants which cleanses the body of toxins.

Salty Foods

Salty foods may cause numerous health issues such as high blood pressure, damage to the kidney, stroke, cardiac failure, and can cause bloating.

A couple of squares of dark chocolate may lower blood pressure in just 2 hours. Steak chocolate or cocoa is the best choice.

Hot Dog

Hot dogs are filled with preservatives and nitrate. These are said to cause cancer.

Food Remedy: Sauerkraut

Adding sauerkraut on top of your pet can avert damage that’s caused by nitrate. Sauerkrauts possess a powerful agent that may prevent nitrate from changing into carcinogens.


Bagels can spike insulin levels and can cause high blood glucose. It’s also packed with carbohydrates.

Carry your bagel with a side salad with a vinegar dressing. Vinegar can stop sudden changes in the amount of glucose. High glucose levels can lead to nausea and overeating.

Red meat is good for your body, but in excess can be bad for you. It should be eaten with restraint, but sometimes where it is unpreventable have a glass of red wine in hand.

Cooking red wine with red meat May Offset the negative effects of Poisons. A glass of wine is enough to reduce heart diseases.

Grilled Meats

Grilled meats have been linked to a greater risk of cancer.

Food Remedy: Coleslaw

Cole slaw comprises calciferous veggies that are used as protection against carcinogens contained in fried meats. Eat some of the coleslaw when intake broiled meats.

Quick Food

Fast food can be found everywhere and can sometimes be inevitable, but quick foods are filled with fats and toxins which can damage cells and cause multiple health issues.

Food Remedy: Cherries

Cherries are filled with antioxidants that eliminate these undesirable toxins and free radicals. Other cherry replacements include grapes, kiwis, strawberry, and blueberries.


Pizza is one of these foods which is hard to live without. It’s high in carbohydrates and contains harmful chemicals that increase the risk of heart Issues and cancer

Food Remedy: Rosemary

Rosemary can be added to the dough to lessen the negative effects of chemicals in the body. Rosemary is full of cancer-fighting antioxidants

Eileen Smoot

Eileen is a former preschool educator, turned mom, turned foodie with a strong passion for helping small businesses in her community. With early aspirations of becoming a writer, she attended the University of Arizona to study English literature and creative writing before making the switch to education. An early retirement from her teaching career, a baking business of her own, and two kids later, she is now rekindling her love for writing with Tucson Foodie.

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