Best Exercise For Weight Loss

Crash dieting and other short term ideas for weight loss is defiantly a horrible life style, if you don’t eat, you indirectly get more fat and get fatter with the passage of time, but if you really want to lose weight then you need to eat healthy food and then try some new exercise to challenge your muscles in new ways and I bet you will get the ideal body an healthy lifestyle within few months.

I guess you know what is the best healthy food and if you are not new here then I bet you know what weight loss equation is?

Best Exercise For Weight Loss

Exercise For Weight Loss Ideas

Healthy food is all those fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables that make us healthy and fresh and weight loss equation is, Calories you ate-calories you burn- and if answer is positive then you are not working good and if it is negative then you are good to sleep, Now here are some simple exercises for you to get in perfect shape.


Running is a total work out, you lose all your body muscle and at the same time you use the gravity for weight loss too which is my all time favorite technique, when we run we pull our self up and gravity pull us down and that is a hard thing though we don’t feel it and then we lose more weight that we thought that we are losing, you just need to run for 45 minutes every day and if possible then twice a day, now if you are a new runner then you need to be careful, you need to run for 5 minutes an then walk then run for minutes and then walk and keep things safe and one day you will be able to run for straight 45 minutes.


It is good if you get on your Bicycling and rid those smooth worm roads for one hour everyday or you use your Bicycling for going to market or even your job place, but if you cannot do that then you need to spend one hour 5 times a week on your bock and get sexy hot strong and fixable legs and knees , it will not only burn fats from your legs and tummy, but this is one thing that you can try to lose fat of your face, you would not believe that cycling can actually make you look young and beautiful too cause that make your kiddies and stomach work too much and you get healthy blood and look good.


Without any doubt, swimming is the best thing to lose weight and get perfecta body, when you swim you really use all parts of your body and at the same time you make them shaped too and when you spend one hour in water you get natural smooth moisturizing skin too so if you can enjoy this blessed way of exercise for weight loss then you should try that as much as you can.

How to Get Sexier Legs Exercises Ideas

We are going to shade some simple moves that will not only help you lose weight, but you will get sexier looking legs and thighs too and if you are eating good with these moves then it will help and accelerate the procedure too.

Stand up with feet hip-width apart, toes pointing forward, arms by your sides and considerate on your abs to stabilize your spine, now shift all of your weight to your left leg and lift your right knee up toward your chest and keep this leg position and now push your right leg across your body so your right knee crosses your left leg and keep the lever across the hip and then push your knee from extreme right and it would seem like you pushed your right leg up and then you are flipping some page with it from left to right and make it quick for 1 minutes, you need to do that 10 rips for 1 minutes for both legs.

Sexier Legs Exercises

How to Get Sexier Legs

Stand up with your feet hip-width apart and keep your left leg straight and bending the right knee and pushing back the hips and keep your pressure on the muscles and keep going down till you start feeling that you are standing vertical to the floor and your right knee is in the same line of you second toe now push it slowly, but strongly and then come back with the position one and do 6 raps of 12 sets.

Get Sexier Legs

Lie on your side on the floor in a straight line focus on your abs and keep it too tight to support your spine and now slowly raise the upper leg off the lower leg to a 45-degree angle and keep it there for a while and feel the pressure and then come back on the lying position and you need to do 10 reps of 10 sets.

Skipping, jumping and cycling is best thing for your thighs and your muscles and if you can go for your swimming 5 times a week then it will be best for your whole body and nothing can be helpful for your body than that.

Best of luck and rock the life for how to get skinny thighs fast and easy.

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